Application Architecture

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  • 3 minutes
  • Video

A quick introduction to the course, and what to expect.


  • 13 minutes
  • Video

Learn how I structure my projects and architect my apps, in MVVM, in a large team environment. This structure is designed for ease of unit testing, and future maintenance.

State Management

  • 11 minutes
  • Video

Learn how to manage state in your Xamarin.Forms application.

UI Structure

  • 13 minutes
  • Video

Learn how I structure my UI, what functions to use where, and why.


Securing Your App

  • 12 minutes
  • Video

Learn what you need to code and account for in your mobile app, to help stop or limit breaches of your mobile app.


Unit Testing

  • 8 minutes
  • Video

Learn how to structure classes, and perform unit testing, in Class Libraries and Native Platforms.

UI Tests

  • 8 minutes
  • Video

My project structure, and setup, I use for easy and readable UI Testing.


Profiling Your App

  • 13 minutes
  • Video

Learn what to look for, when profiling your app, and where to look for performance improvements, or finding memory leaks.


  • 22 minutes
  • Video

Learn how to debug Xamarin.Forms apps, by deep diving into Xamarin.Forms internals.

  1. Karl Shifflett| September 18, 2017 |

    Love this course. Splendid material for all Xamarin Forms Developers.

    The Debugging module is a MUST view for every Xamarin Forms developer. I learned so much!

    Thank you!


  2. Steve Chadbourne| September 29, 2017 |

    What a great course. Packed full of really useful tips and tricks. The debugging module requires a special mention. Worth the cost of admission just for this one.

  3. davidlopera| October 31, 2017 |

    Nice course!!!
    Architecture and Debugging modules was awesome.
    Thanks Adam for this material.

  4. kristenkozmary| December 20, 2017 |

    Excellent course. I was really struggling with how I wanted to architect my app, this course helped to navigate through all the tough decisions.

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